Drupal is one of the most well-structured and powerful open source Content Management Systems developed on PHP scripting language and MySQL backend database. Drupal has powerful built-in social networking capabilities, along with excellent news / content management and is extensively used to build scalable websites, portals, blogs, etc. This flexible open source CMS allows individual or online community of users to quite easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website without any difficulty. Using Drupal we can create any type of website from simple blogs to an ecommerce portal to complex websites optimized for search engines aided by Drupal's extensive website Building Tools and Templates and an easy-to-Use Web Interface.


1. Cost Benefit: Drupal is a free Open-Source CMS licensed under GPL/GNU license and thus development costs are low

2. Flexibility: Drupal is flexible and websites can be built using custom content structure, custom fields, comments, users, etc. Drupal 7 comes with over 800 modules.

3. Scalability: Drupal is scalable and using Drupal 7, powerful and highly responsive websites can be built faster which can handle huge traffic.

4. Free plugins and themes: Drupal has a huge database of free plugins and themes to choose from.

5. Optimized for search engines: Using Drupal we can build sites highly optimized for search engines to rank better in sites like Google, Yahoo, Alexa and MSN.

6. Drupal provides XHTML and CSS support and cross platform support.

7. Support and Resources: There is a huge amount of documentation already available making it easier for any programmer to start development and modifications. Drupal is backed by a huge developer community support with constant updates and enhancements. 

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