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Human Resource Services

HR activities such as record keeping, human resource policy clarification, appraisal records, training, and development, payroll administration, performance, etc are all people-intensive projects that involve a lot of energy and time. Such activities are routine and repetitive in nature. Therefore the companies with the intention to focus on their center activities outsource these HR activities.

The various HR Services include

  • Employee’s Background Verification
  • Employee Benefits: Group Medical, Health, 401(k)plans, Medical, etc
  • Employee’s Welfare Activities & Grievance Handling
  • Payroll Administration including sick leave, leave with wages, taxes issues, etc
  • HR Management includes employee travel plans, PMS, exit interviews, induction, relieving and resignation procedures, recruitment, training & development, etc.

We have a few experience in HR service and concentrated on your business by outsourcing your Human Resource Management to us.