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ASP.NET Software Development

Based on the Microsoft .NET platform, Paval Soft provides cost-effective, innovative and integrated business solutions, and can develop custom software development, web applications, and bespoke software solutions through Net, proving significant savings for our customers.

Extensive e-commerce element designed for use with ASP.Net. It offers hundreds of methods, properties, and controls to create flexible e-commerce solutions with simple deployment and implementation.

Paval Soft concentrates the websites and web application development using advanced and higher technologies like .Net, AJAX, XML, HTML, CSS, etc...We have experienced and qualified development teams in various web technologies including Microsoft Windows platform (ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Active-X), Open source platforms (JOOMLA, Oscommerce, etc). Our core .Net team can understand your needs for your business and show the capacities of the .Net framework and develop the client’s requirements.


Paval Soft software developers note the excellent features and benefit that ASP.NET, ASP.NET 2.0 and VB.NET unites for web application and web development for customers. For designing software applications, Paval Soft uses ASP.NET 2.0 for customers because it reduces the difficulty of coding as much as 70% and increase productivity. We have immensely talented masters in developing software solutions and well-experienced software engineers and web applications using Microsofts .Net technology.

Why do we need .NET?

Paval Soft offers high-security net web application development and .net application and best service of connectivity

Microsoft is used in the development of the .Net computing platform.

Dot Net Software Development provides a fast Internet connection, providing better compatibility with most operating systems.

.NET application design and .NET application development guarantees that any software can easily access the Internet.

It is customized and optimized for better IT costs

.Net web application development gives users the power to process servers with the help of friendly user interface and greater business logic

XML application is considered the best way to connect users on the network and smart devices

NET Software Development employs new technologies for web design development and provides the best solutions for simple and complex solutions.

Powerful database-driven functionality allows programmers to create web applications that interface with a database

ASP.NET has a number of tools that facilitate object-oriented and rapid development and greater functionality

Quick Web Applications: Compiled code and cache make ASP.NET very fast. Previously, code was interpreted as 'machine language' when your website visitor viewed your page. With ASP.NET, the code is compiled before your visitor visits your site.

Memory Leak and Crash Protection: ASP.NET automatically recovers from memory leaks and errors, assuring that your website is always available to visitors.

Multi-language support: ASP.NET allows programmers to write their code in multiple .Net languages ​​(including VPNET, C, and JavaScript.NET). Therefore, programmers can build sites in the language they are familiar with.